App of the Week: Focus

by Madeleine Borgersen

We’re all tied to our phone’s nowadays and it’s so easy to forget when you’re behind the wheel and just pick up that device for a quick check. Distractions can lead to devastating accidents and this app is here to train you to stop the tech check whilst driving.

App of the Week: Focus

Focus, a new app for iPhone trains you to keep your fingers off of your phone whilst driving with a handy report.

Focus runs automatically in the background, gently reminding you if you’re driving and look at the iPhone screen to focus instead on what you’re doing. It can also send you or another an email report card each time you drive if you’ve made a pact to improve your driving habits with a partner, family member or friend (great for new drivers!)

Best of all, Focus is nonintrusive. Most of the time you won’t even know it’s there and if you do need to urgently use the phone whilst out and about you have access to all your functionality. Nothing is restricted.

Using your phone as a passenger? If Focus sends any reminders to get off the screen simply shake your phone and it will stop future notifications and mark that you weren’t driving on the trip inside the app.

Available for iPhone for $4.99

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