App of the Week: Layout from Instagram

by Madeleine Borgersen

A new one for the Instagram lovers out there! Instagram themselves have released a new app to perfect your collages.

App of the Week: Layout from Instagram

Layout for Instagram is simple, create a collage of images, to share on social media. But how it does it is pretty spot on.

Why We Love it!

Layout for Instagram features a filter to find the perfect images to add to your collage. All shows the camera roll, Faces only images that you guessed it, feature faces in them (love a good selfie!) and Recent for your just taken snaps.

It also includes a cool Photo Booth functionality where you can recreate a quick succession snap sesh on your phone!

There’s also no account sign up or anything else bulking up the app, it’s beautiful designed, does what it needs to and won’t hound you with ads to play Farmville. Excellent!

Layout from Instagram is currently free and available for iOS.

3 responses to “App of the Week: Layout from Instagram”

  1. Kate says:

    Awesome, thank you for suggesting this app! Downloading it right now x

  2. How cool, not ads and free is such an added bonus! Kate, Wondrous x

  3. Fairlie says:

    This is such a serendipitous post! I was just about to start searching for an app to create an Instagram collage for a guest post I’ve agreed to write…now I at least have one to start with! Thanks.