App of the Week: Snarl Traffic

by Madeleine Borgersen

A must have for any daily driver, Snarl Traffic is a free app available for both iOS and Android that effortlessly displays the traffic situation right at your finger tips.

App of the Week: Snarl Traffic

Giving the low down on traffic situations in NSW, Victoria and Queensland, Snarl Traffic offers real-time updates from government transport bodies like Transport NSW (so you know they’re legit!)

Plan the fastest and most decongested route or know if you have to leave a little earlier in the morning. On your way and find a blockage? Turn on Snarl Traffic’s new Driving Mode and let Snarl explain what’s going on, how long it’s expected to last and give you a new estimated arrival time.

Drive the same route everyday? You can also set up Snarl Traffic to send you an alert based on the area, street or suburbs you drive through to let you know how the traffics going.

Snarl Traffic is currently free and available for iOS and Android.

2 responses to “App of the Week: Snarl Traffic”

  1. What a fabulous App! It’s such a pain when I get stuck in traffic on the way to meetings so I’ll be using this one for sure!

  2. Awesome idea, its one thing to use Google Maps to see what the traffic is doing but this sounds great to keep you informed about what is happening in more detail! Kate, Wondrous