App of the Week: Alphatise

by Madeleine Borgersen

Remove those old shopping apps from your phone. Alphatise is a one-stop-app where you can find new products, tell the brand what you’re willing to pay for them and purchase them, any time and anywhere.

App of the Week: Alphatise

In collaboration with the fantastic team at Alphatise.

I have a confession. I love shopping from the glorious serenity of my bath tub. Just me, my phone and a glass of vino (maybe some candles are lit if I’m feeling like a bit of a shopping spree). Yep, I purchased my bed linen, my iPad and my latest foundation straight from my bath tub.

Why? Because shopping off of my phone is easy. I can do it at any time of the day and it allows me the time to do my research make my decision and go ahead with a purchase without being distracted, well, maybe except for when that glass of vino runs out.

One of the biggest draw backs to this finger-tapping way of purchasing is that you need to download each of your favourite store’s app separately, or worse, navigate their mobile site. Luckily Alphatise has read my mind and created the perfect solution. A one-stop-app for all my purchasing needs, and it doesn’t just end there.

Why do I love Alphatise?

Let me count the ways. No but really it’s mainly because I log in, I see a product I like, or search for a product I know that I’m interested in (say a new GHD Straightener?) and I can then let GHD know exactly how much I’d like to pay for it. Yep I can be a haggler.

I hate confrontation and would never ask for a deal in store, but with Alphatise I am the savviest of shoppers.

Using a colour coded wheel (to let me know how likely I am to receive my wish) I can wish on a product I’m interested in, say I will offer GHD $200 for their new straightener currently selling in store for $239. They can then come back and say, yep we’ll sell a straightener to her for that price. New customer for GHD, new straightener for me!

How does Alphatise work?

The Alphatise app basically puts you in the drivers seat. It’s a marketplace where the consumer is in control and is the first app to offer a truly social ecommerce experience.

Say my friend Louise saw that I’ve placed a wish on a new straightener and remembered she’s after a new straightener too. She can then wish on the product straight away. GHD will then see that girls are going wild for this new product and offer us our wish.

You can wish on as many products as you would like on Alphatise. If an offer comes back and you’re still interested you can pay in app and wait for your speedy delivery. If you’ve decided to save that money for your next holiday, you can decline the offer.

Alphatise in the real world

Alphatise works in the real world too! Say you’re moving and need new furniture, you could place a wish via Alphatise for a store discount. So I could request a discount of 15% from Freedom and if they approve, I simply take my phone in with the offer barcode and shop away. Pretty easy no?

What would be your first product to wish on? Let us know in the comments below and please follow us on Alphatise (just search for Madeleine Burke) so I can see all the fab products you find!

Alphatise is available on Desktop, Tablet and iPhone for free. To create your own account (and start shopping!) just head to

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  2. Angela says:

    This sounds amazing! I love the idea of the colour wheel. Definitely checking this out x

    The Sunday Chapter

  3. Kathy says:

    This is really interesting—will have to check it out! All the wishes!

  4. CharacterPR says:

    Awesome article! Saw this on your Instagram and had to come check out the details. GHD was your example but that’s exactly what the first purchase will be. BTW, really like your writing style – casual and quirky; Love it!