Glamazon: App of the Week

by Madeleine Borgersen

Glamazon allows you to book last-minute hair and beauty appointments in Sydney and Melbourne straight from your phone.

Glamazon: App of the Week

After coming across Beautified and crying over the fact that it was US only, I was so glad to come across Glamazon.

Bringing essentially the same offerings as Beautified to Sydney and Melbourne, Glamazon allows you to book and pay for last-minute hair and beauty appointments straight from your phone.

As someone that often has last-minute openings in my schedule and overgrown eyebrows this is a god-send!

It’s also great for the salons as it allows them to fill any last-minute (same day or next day) openings or cancellations, making everyone a winner.

The database currently holds premium Australian hair and beauty salons around Sydney and Melbourne with hopefully it expanding to cater for other Australian cities in the not too distant future.

Download this baby now from the iTunes App Store (hopefully there’s an Android version not too far away!)

2 responses to “Glamazon: App of the Week”

  1. Such a good idea! I like how they have quality salons too like Bronzalicious etc – as they last thing you want is a botched last minute job. Great find!

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