App of the Week: Handle

by Madeleine Borgersen

For those looking to streamline their digital lives the new app Handle is definitely one to download to your iPhone or Android now.

App of the Week: Handle

Bringing your email, to-do lists and calendar all together in one simple app it helps you to easily and quickly make appointments and reminders, check your schedule in terms of importance and know that you’re on top of everything without checking three or four different apps.

Similar to the mailbox app and the new iOS8 mail app, Handle works by a series of swipe gestures. Swipe left to add a to-do or a calendar event based on a certain email or right to read later, delete or archive.

You can even set up location-based reminders to stop you constantly forgetting to post that letter on the way home.

Using handle’s settings you can set up reminder times that work with your schedule. Handle’s timeline view containing to-do’s also uses this schedule and your current location to ensure any reminders are relevant to what needs to be done and what can be done where you are at the moment meaning zero unnecessary overwhelm.

You can also create project’s, grouping related To-Do’s together making everything nice and civil. Syncing to your other devices is a breeze with Handle’s iPad and desktop Chrome extension.

Handle is available for iOS and Android and is currently free!

3 responses to “App of the Week: Handle”

  1. It’s a saviour! Loving it! x

  2. Tiffany says:

    Android users don’t have an app. There’s just the iPhone version. Womp, womp. 🙁