App of the Week: Kitchen Stories

by Madeleine Borgersen

Kitchen Stories, a new European founded app is a gorgeously designed hub that will take you from clutz to cook in the time it takes to prepare ice cream for dessert.

App of the Week: Kitchen Stories

The main screen of Kitchen Stories is like pinterest, a selection of gorgeously laid out recipes with a handy filter in the top right to help you search for the perfect lunch, dinner or snack recipe.

Each recipe on Kitchen Stories includes an easy to follow video and gorgeously shot photography so there’s no worry of misunderstanding the instructions or having to google how to do something it assumes you know.

The Nutritional information for each recipe is listed making it a sinch to stick to your targets and try new things. An inbuilt measurement converter makes international recipes a breeze and a list of required utensils prevents you from being halfway through a souffle with no spatula in sight.

The app allows you to favourite recipes for easy access and automatically create your shopping list by adding the recipes you’d like for the week via the app. You can also add notes to your favourite recipe so if you decide you’d prefer more paprika in the recipe, you can be reminded of that next time.

Kitchen Stories includes an inbuilt timer so no more going in and out of different apps to make sure your dinner doesn’t burn.

My favourite bit? Wine matching for each dish. Good on the Europeans for being able to bring everything back to a great drop.

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