App of the Week: Lumo Lift

by Madeleine Borgersen

For anyone that need’s that helping hand when it comes to their posture, we’ve found the fitness tracker for you. The Lumo Lift not only tracks your steps, distance and calories but also keeps an eye on your posture, gently reminding you to straighten up whenever it senses a slouch approaching.

App of the Week: Lumo Lift

We all know by now that I’m addicted to gadgets! The Lumo Lift does not escape this adoration for one second.

A body sensor that mimics the FitBit in some aspects (such as step and calorie tracking), the Lumo Lift’s primary concern however is posture.

As someone that spends a large portion of their time in front of a screen, posture is a big concern for me. I admit to having a case of the rolled shoulders, the Lumo Lift can aid in correcting this however by giving a soft vibration whenever it notices my posture slipping, gently reminding me to straighten up.

The Lumo Lift comes in a range of different colours and will soon be offering designed front clasps to turn your posture pleasing friend into a seamless part of any outfit.

Currently the Lumo Lift syncs via Bluetooth with any iOS device giving you up to the minute feedback on your steps, distance, calories and posture.

The Lumo Lift is currently available from their online store for US$99.

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