App of the Week: Overcast

by Madeleine Borgersen

If you’re not listening to Podcasts yet you need to get on it. From design to parenting, health to art, there’s plenty of amazing podcasts available on any topic and today we’ve found the perfect way to play them.

App of the Week: Overcast

The Overcast app is a beautifully designed app that simply stores and plays your podcasts.

But there’s already a podcast app on my phone I hear you say. Well can your app do this.

Smart Speed

Speed up your podcast and dynamically shorten any silent time. With hardly any distortion Overcast will make you think you’re listening to the original recording, until you realise you’ve managed to fit a one hour podcast into less than 40 minutes.

Volume Balance

Don’t change the volume between each podcast. Overcast normalises all of your recordings so they playback at the exact same volume. Perfect for a busy bus commute.

Playlist Perfection

Overcast lets you add priorities to your favourite podcasts and arrange them into different playlists to make sure you never miss a favourite again. Once you create the list new episodes of that podcast will be inserted into the correct spot auto-magically.

Social Sound

Need a new podcast? Find out what your friends on Twitter are listening to all via the Overcast app. You can also recommend your favourite podcasts or episodes within the app without posting anything to your Twitter feed to help out others.

Overcast is available for iOS and has a limited free version or a full version for just $4.99.

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