App of the Week: Ringly Wearable Notifier

by Madeleine Borgersen

So long daggy wearable tech. Hello Ringly! A gorgeous vibrating ring that can notify you if anything important is happening, so you can stop checking your phone 24/7.

App of the Week: Ringly Wearable Notifier

Ringly combines Jewellery with technology to make the most stylish wearable notification device ever.

Available in four gorgeous colours; onyx, sapphire, emerald and moonstone, the ringly device looks like any other statement ring and matches seamlessly with your outfit.

You can program the ringly app to notify you with short vibrations when just about anything happens. You can set up a notification when your mum calls or your taxi is waiting. You could set one up when you receive a new twitter mention or a new email. Anything!

The best part is you can leave that phone in your bag and know that if something serious is going down you’ll still be able to react promptly, without having to check the actual phone every minute.

Ringly is available for iPhone and Android devices and are currently in pre-sale offering 25% off!

2 responses to “App of the Week: Ringly Wearable Notifier”

  1. This is such a clever idea:) Thank you for sharing you tech goddess you X