App of The Week: Speak and Translate

by Madeleine Borgersen

Got the travel bug but no time to learn any languages? This week’s app is for you. Speak and Translate can do just that, record what’s being said to you (or what you say to it) and translate it into over 40 languages.

App of The Week: Speak and Translate

There’s two versions of the Speak and Translate app, one free with ads and another $4.99 without any.

Available in both the App Store and Google Play it’s the perfect app to have on your phone if you’re travelling or prone to starting a conversation with random tourists in your local bar.

Seeing as my partner is Norwegian and so I’m basically fluent by default (not really, I’m conversationalist at best!) I decided to give this baby a whirl and see just how good it was.

I started with the easy ones, to lure it in.

Jeg elsker deg.
I love you.

Touché Speak and Translate app, touché. Now for something a bit harder.

Hva skal vi har til middag i dag?
What shall we have for dinner today?

No problems there, although I would have preferred it answer “Pizza and Red Wine of course!”. Time for the big guns. I asked Eivind to come down and think of the craziest thing he could. He came up with –

Hva er gjeldsbalansen min i Lånekassen?

Now it heard this as – Hva hjelper mot angsten min lånekassen? which it translated correctly and which proves two things.

  1. I am right, Eivind does mumble his Norwegian (however is a girl to learn?!), and
  2. Speak & Translate may just be the best thing since sliced brunost (Brown Cheese).

Are you planning any trips in the future? What language would you want to use first?

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