App of the Week: Stocard

by Madeleine Borgersen

Ever wanted an electronic version of all your loyalty cards on your phone? The tech angels have finally heard your cries and brought you the Stocard app.

App of the Week: Stocard

I cannot count the number of times I’ve been paying for my groceries and they’ve asked for my everyday rewards card. I kick myself knowing that I could be earning Qantas frequent flyer points that will one day send me around the world first class – a girl can dream right?

My answer however 95% of the time is sadly no. I don’t have my card on me. Why? I like to kick it like my dad, a few cards and notes in a small clutch or my pockets. Even when I do take out my full wallet, there is no design in history that could house that many loyalty cards. Luckily this is no longer a problem, thanks to the Stocard app.

Ditch downloading every stores individual loyalty program and filling up your phone (not to mention trying to find said app again).

The Stocard app is free and gorgeously designed. It allows you to photograph your loyalty program cards and they are then automagically converted into an electronic version within the app ready for use in store.

You can access your cards quickly and easily from the notification centre so no more fumbling about trying to find the right card. Stocard has made it too easy.

The app also includes latest catalogues and offers from selected retailers so you can double check any specials that may be happening without filling up your mailbox.

The app is open for new businesses to join so the list of merchants is phenomenal. Out of my 30 or so loyalty cards only 2 were not on the list. Yep Guzman Y Gomez, Witchery, Price Attack, Country Road, Everyday Rewards, Flybuys, you name it, all in one sweet looking little electronic package.

Life, ok well maybe week, made!

What’s your favourite loyalty program to be a part of?

4 responses to “App of the Week: Stocard”

  1. This is me – I never carry all my cards, and regret it… what a FABULOUS app – downloading it now!

  2. Sarah Ayoub says:

    Oooh, I hate carrying around a hundred things in my wallet. This is a great alternative, thanks for sharing.

  3. This is great MB! Digging out my outrageous pile of store cards to input now! x