App of the Week: Timeful

by Madeleine Borgersen

Always feeling that there aren’t enough hours in the day? Wondering just where you’re going to fit in that 10 minute time-out for yourself? Let Timeful help!

App of the Week: Timeful

Everyone’s seen the poster;

You have the same amount of hours in a day as Beyonce.

Very true but also very cleverly leaving out all the extra help Beyonce has that I simply do not. Until now.

Timeful is an app for iPhone that defines itself as ‘intelligent time assistance’. It combines your calendars (syncing straight from other calendars on the phone so your iCloud and Google calendars are all in one spot) with your daily To-Do’s and your weekly habits or like to-do’s to make your life healthier, happier and well-lived.

Timeful doesn’t just list the items there staring back at you though, it helps you. With it’s advanced algorithms it see’s what you’re doing, when you’re busy and when you’re not and suggests times for you to squeeze in everything you need to get done. Heading to the Dr’s at 4? Timeful will tell you to drop in and grab that birthday present for Joe on the way back to free up some time tomorrow. The more you use Timeful the more it gets to know you and the better it gets at building you a schedule that works.

Want to be reminded to drink eight glasses of water, do a meditation, put a load of laundry on or just take a 10 minute break for yourself? The Timeful habits can be set to be repeated daily, weekly or monthly and you can even track your progress at achieving them. You can set a suitable time or allow Timeful to set it for you. Best of all, if you have a shared calendar Timeful will automatically mark you as busy during that time so you won’t get hassled for anything that could prevent you completing your tasks.

Timeful is a FREE app currently available for iPhone with a Web and Android version on the way!

2 responses to “App of the Week: Timeful”

  1. Victoriae Eaves says:

    OMG! I can’t wait for this to come out on Android!!!