App of the Week: VSCO Cam

by Madeleine Borgersen

VSCO Cam is my go-to app for image editing. Rocking better filters than instagram (yep I said it!) as well as all your other go-to pic editing basics it’s a must-have for any snap-happy phone addicts.

App of the Week: VSCO Cam

VSCOCam allows you to edit photos better than any other phone app.

Showering us with instagram-like filters – some free, others available via in-app purchase. These filters are also scalable. Ever seen a filter that you love but its just slightly overboard? Not with VSCO cam! You can pick your filter and also choose the intensity of the filter. Talk about control.

It also has fifteen other controls turning it into a mini LightRoom or PhotoShop for your phone. You can adjust a photo’s exposure, colour temperature, contrast,  saturation, sharpening, and cropping as well as adding grain and editing shadows and highlights.

They also have a social feed where you can post your photos, but as far as that goes, I prefer insta – phones down!

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