App of the Week: Zova

by Madeleine Borgersen

Zova is a new workout and fitness app designed especially for women. Combining rhythm and vocals it aims to make working out fun and easy.

App of the Week: Zova

By using rhythm to guide you through your workout you can easily enjoy what you’re doing knowing that you’re flexing and releasing your muscles at exactly the right speed for the best results.

The Zova workouts are all created by normal women, no more wondering why you cannot for the life of you keep up with Jane Fonda.

With over 250 different workouts ranging from cardio, 7-minute body blasts, HIIT, strength, circuit and stretching plans. You can quickly and easily find the perfect workout for you at that time by filtering their collection by what body part you’re keen to focus on, what you have to use for weight; body weight, some light equipment or a full gym, and your athletic ability.

Zova also integrates with Apple’s new Health app that was released with the new iOS8 so you can view all your achievements and activity in one spot.

Zova is available for iPhone and is free with a few in-app purchases to access premium content!

2 responses to “App of the Week: Zova”

  1. Ooh I’m expecting my new iPhone to be delivered this week so I will have to check this out! Sounds excellent!