Get Active This Weekend With StyleRunner’s PokéWalk

by Madeleine Borgersen

StyleRunner, the leading destination for fashion-forward activewear have joined the Pokemon Go craze encouraging other addicts to join them on a PokéWalk this Saturday in Sydney.

Get Active This Weekend With StyleRunner's PokeWalk

Diana from Base Body Babes and the StyleRunner team are going Pokémon hunting and want you to tag along!

The 10km Poké Walk will be lead by Stylerunner Founder and CEO Julie Stevanja along with Diana from Base Body Babes. With free lures on every Poké Stop along the way and a route passing through tonnes of popular Pokémon catching areas the event is a fun way to get active on Saturday with your favourite Pokémaster pals.

“The Stylerunner Poké Walk will inspire people to get together and do a walk together. Leading a healthy lifestyle should be top of mind for everyone. The Pokémon is just a plus!”

Julie Stevanja, StyleRunner Founder

The app that encourages anyone, big or small, to get out and explore their neighbourhood, increasing activity in a fun and creative way is, in StyleRunner’s mind a great thing. Their team will be there to offer tips and advice to newbies to the app or those that aren’t keen on the Pokémon craze are more than welcome to come for a stroll anyway!

Prizes will be available for those hashtagging the event with #POKESQUAD as well as post-walk refreshments.

Haven’t downloaded the app yet? Jump on and do it now and check out our top tips to be an absolute pro before Saturday!

The Stylerunner Poké Walk is a free event and will take place on Saturday 23 July 2016, at 9am. For all the information and to join the walk at

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