How to Be A Snapchat Queen

by Madeleine Borgersen

So you’ve jumped on the Snapchat bandwagon but now what? Apart from sharing your life’s must-see’s and several filtered selfies, here are the top tips to take your profile to absolute Queen level in no time.

How to Be A Snapchat Queen

Wanting to up your Snapchat game? Here are the top tips and tricks!

Layer Your Filters

When it comes to filters, one is never enough. If you’ve taken a pic or video and swipe left or right you’ll be able to add a range of filters to make them pop!

Want to take it to the next level? Swipe to the filter you want and hold down with finger. Keep swiping with another finger and voila, you can add another filter to the mix to absolutely nail that latest update.

Oh and still trying to work out how to get those face filters? Switch your camera to selfie mode and hold a finger down on the screen right near your face. An outline will appear and some preview emjois down the bottom of the screen. Swipe left or right and follow the prompts to activate them.

Keep it MonoChrome

Wanting to draw with black or white but can’t find it on the colour palette? Have no fear you can change that pencil to black or white by putting your finger on the palette and dragging it toward to the upper left corner to draw with white or the bottom right to draw with black.

Keep a Backup

Is your story too epic to let go after 24 hours? Keep it forever by tapping the three vertical dots to the right of ‘My Story’ and hitting the downward arrow to download it all to your phone’s camera roll.

Keep Text to One Line

Ever want to write over something or keep your caption to one line and not been able to work out how? Tap the written text to edit and then squeeze it in with two fingers (as if you’re zooming out of a photo) to rearrange the text.

Fire Up Those Friend Emojis

Find out who your real snapchat besties are with the friend emojis. See what each mean by going to your settings (the gear icon on the screen you see when swiping down from the camera screen) and hitting Manage > Friend Emojis. You can even update them to suit your life here too. We’re thinking the twin emoji for the Super BFF no?

Don’t Forget Your Friends

Don’t remember who exactly ‘kween9768’ in your story is? Hold down on your friends name in your Stories screen, hit the gear icon and click Edit Name to change it to something you’ll never forget.

Set Your Selfie

Set your Snapchat selfie animation to make it easy for people to recognise you. Tap the snapchat icon on the main settings/add friend screen and hit the button to take 5 selfies (which will be combined into an animation). Done!

Bring Back Your Favourite Filters

In a moment that really needs the aviator wearing truck driver filter? There’s a way to get it back, just change your phone’s time and date in your phone’s settings and voila! Those filters are back! Oh and in the future, jot down in your phone’s notes any great filter and the day they were available for easy flashbacks in the future.

Need more characters?

Sometimes you just can’t get everything out in that small snapchat character limit. Now you dont have to! Go into your phones notes and hit the space button to give yourself a few lines of room. Select all of it and hit copy. Then paste it into your snap using the text button and using your cursor head to where you want to add text. Character limit beaten!

Easily Follow at Events

Out for the night or at an event and wanting to follow friends but can’t for the life of you remember the cool brunette girls name? Simply search via the ‘Nearby’ setting to bring up any snapchatters you’re around and hit that follow button. Too easy.

Speed Up Your Selfie Game

Love a good Snapchat selfie? Quickly access the front facing camera by double tapping your screen and never miss good lighting again.

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