App of the Week – InstaGrab

by Madeleine Borgersen

InstaGrab is a new app for iPhone and iPad that does the much anticipated – it allows you to interact with on multiple instagram accounts at once.

App of the Week – InstaGrab

Yep! Finally there is an app that lets me like my friend’s breakfast, comment back to one of my pug’s friends and keep in touch with all of you lovelies!

InstaGrab (the app with the blue background and white instagram icon arrow downwards – yeah there’s two, so that’s confusing!) allows you to not only interact on multiple accounts at once – note unfortunately due to Instagram’s current guidelines you can’t post from Instagrab, but still! It also allows you to download photos and videos to your device (finally!) and search by multiple tags.

One of my favourite features of InstaGrab however is the ability to regram! Goodbye screenshotting a pic and trying to fit it back into that cropped square to repost. InstaGrab makes it super easy to regramm by including a tag to the original poster and their message for you to edit as you please. Love it!

InstaGrab is perfect for anyone with multiple instagram accounts or those that just want an fuller and easier instagram experience.

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2 responses to “App of the Week – InstaGrab”

  1. Angie says:

    What?! This is amazing! Downloading as I type. Thank you for this post!!