Streamline Your Life with IFTTT

by Madeleine Borgersen

If This Than That or IFTTT is probably the single most effective time-saver in my life. It’s like having a mini-minion without cloning yourself.

Streamline Your Life with IFTTT

IFTTT basically works by allowing different apps you use to connect to each other and interact automatically based on certain cues or ‘recipes’ that you define.

For example. One IFTTT recipe could be –

If I upload a post to instagram, save a copy of this photo to my dropbox.

The triggers available are seemingly endless!

  • Turn my lights on as I approach home.
  • Mute my phone when I reach the office and un-mute when I leave.
  • Alert me with the day’s weather at 7.30am.
  • Text my pug when I leave work (so she can get my slippers ready!)
  • If I miss a call add a reminder to my calendar 2 hours later to call them back.
  • Send me an SMS reminder.
  • Post my instagram posts to Tumblr.
  • Add any email with ‘Receipt’ in the subject to a spreadsheet in Dropbox which includes the first attachment (Wow!)
  • Turn up your phone volume via SMS (perfect for when you’ve left it in the dishwasher by mistake! Yep, it happened! No it wasn’t running!)
  • Post new WordPress posts to your Facebook wall.

The list literally goes on for over 11,000 pages! You can even get a recipe that sends you a new recommended recipe to your inbox every morning.

Available in web, iPhone and Android versions streamlining your life with IFTTT is super easy. It’s perfect for anyone that wants to free up some space in their brain to concentrate on more important fun things!.

For me, it’s an absolute no brainer, download it now! I warn you though, going through the recipes is addictive but just think, the rabbit hole you’ve found yourself in now searching for amazing recipes to make your life more streamlined will mean you can go off and enjoy a gin or two and let it do all the hard work later on!

What are your top time-saving tips? Do you use any apps to make your life easier?

15 responses to “Streamline Your Life with IFTTT”

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  2. Sarah Ayoub says:

    I’ve just bookmarked this as it sounds like an absolute dream!

  3. Elisha Ross says:

    Wow. Im going to have a look soon. Bookmarked for sure. Going to tell hubby and see if it can help his business..

  4. Eva Lewis says:

    OMG, are you serious! You’ve made my DAY!

  5. This app is AMAZING! Downloading it NOW!!! thanks for the recommendation, xS

  6. I only just heard about this amazing app last week. It sounds amazing & I can’t wait to use it!! Thanks for the info, have a great week x

  7. this is sounds like an awesome i might try and be more organised and unforgetful (if thats a word)!! thanks for this

  8. No way this actually exists?? So cool!! This could literally save me hours per week. It’s going up there with my robotic vacuum as my favourite tech find!!