Tech Tuesday: Prynt Instant Phone Printer Case

by Madeleine Borgersen

What’s better than taking some quick snaps when you’re out and about? Printing them straight from a phone case and sharing them with your friends.

Tech Tuesday: Prynt Instant Phone Printer Case

Image: Prynt

Prynt is a Kickstarter funded iPhone and Android case that also doubles as an instant printer. Awesome right?

Using refillable paper cartridges with self-inking paper it’s a cheaper, easier alternative to lugging around that polaroid. Plus! It’s totally independent from WiFi or Bluetooth simply plugging into your phone meaning you can share those snaps anywhere you find yourself, perfect for travelling.

With an internal battery (meaning no drainage of your phone’s!) and replacement paper available for only $5 it’s a definite addition to our wish list.

With delivery expected for October 2015 they’re offering pre-order’s via their KickStarter.

Prynt cases will be available for iPhone 5 & 6 and Samsung S4 & S5 from October, 2015 for $99.

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