Top Fitness Apps

by Madeleine Borgersen
Top Fitness Apps

I’m a very logical person. I love maths, physics, sudoku. Anything that has a problem and an answer.

Needless to say when I have indulged a little too much (pizza and wine anyone?) I like to have a scientific, methodological way of getting back into shape.

Here are my fav apps for fitness improvement and weight loss! These all have iPhone, Android and web apps to keep you sorted!

1. MyFitnessPal

Some see calorie counting as restrictive or a bit over-the-top. I personally see it as an easy way to monitor my intake and make sure my output is exceeding it, after all, that’s the way you’re going to lose weight sorry to ruin it for everyone playing at home!

I also love that I can see the nutrient data on the foods I’m eating – yes those 2 minute noodles are quick and not too bad on the calorie stakes, but the sodium levels – wowa!

2. RunKeeper

Just like using MyFitnessPal to log your input, RunKeeper is a great way to log your output – and it’s not just running either! Running, walking, cycling, strength training it can log anything and also offers reminders and a social aspect for you to cheer on your friends.

3. Strava

Similar to RunKeeper, Strava is another logging app for your activity. Strava is really cool though as it offers a feature that motivates you by giving you your personal bests on certain segments, either segments you manually set or those set by others. You can then compete (either against yourself or others) to become faster and stronger.

4. Fitbit/Jawbone/Nike+

I’ve grouped these together as they essentially do the same thing just for different wearable technology devices. I covered my preference, the FitBit, in an earlier post. It’s great as it syncs with everything else and tells you exactly how much more activity you need to do that day to meet your calorie deficit goal.

What are your top fitness apps? Have you found any of these to be useful?

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