How To Start a Blog (When You Have No Idea)

by Madeleine Borgersen

Wondering how to start a blog? Here’s some advice from one beginner to another from creating your space, working out what to post, how to promote your posts to gain readers and how to not freak out when people do actually start reading.

How To Start a Blog (When You Have No Idea)

I just passed my six month milestone of blogging. To tell you the truth it snuck right up on me. I’m the first to admit that I had (and still have) zero clue about what I’m doing, but for fellow guys and gals looking to start their own place on the web here’s a few things I’ve learnt about how to start a blog, when you really have no idea.

Up Is Better Than Perfect

A lot of the time people can get so stuck on their blog looking perfect they never launch. I launched TdM on a Saturday night, a bottle of Verdelho in and I’m pretty sure some of the pages didn’t even work. Point is, your blog is always going to be a work in progress.

I do admit to having the advantage of being a web designer and developer so getting a blog up for me was the easier part, but with so many amazing themes for WordPress around I swear it will be quicker for you to get an amazing blog up than it was for me!

Some template designers I love:

The Secret Bloggers Business course comes in two formats, the BootCamp, an intensive 8 week program that will teach you everything there is to know about how to start a blog, gain readership and work with brands and the Mastermind, a monthly lesson plan that focuses on one key area of blogging and tells you how to nail it!

I signed up for the SBB course just before starting TdM and have turned to it time and time again as the blog has grown. If you’re wanting to start a blog, or wanting more from your current blog, you can find all the answers here.

Check out the SBB Course!

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13 responses to “How To Start a Blog (When You Have No Idea)”

  1. Kristy Beck says:

    This is a great post for a beginner blogger like me. Thanks for sharing it Madeline! I have also just put the Remindagram app on my phone. I’m sure it will be very handy for me, the IG obsessed.

  2. Helen says:

    I echo so many tips on this post, a great read Madeleine! The hardest thing is always just to get started and have something out there, I tell friends who are interested in blogging but spend so much time saying they’re “not ready” etc… but really it’s all about working it out as you go!

  3. rebecca says:

    Some amazing advice here Madeleine, I love how you share this information. Thank you <3

  4. Gayel @ Modern Mummy Mayhem says:

    You have done so well Madeleine! I agree with everything you have said here. Up is better than perfect mostly. The post I published last night on my blog had three changes at 5 am this morning 😉 People will follow you because they love you and the ones that pull your posts to pieces need to find other blogs to follow. You should be very proud of The Daily Mark 🙂

  5. Wonderlusting says:

    Great advice here. I really like the keeping track of goals suggestion as it is easy to forget what you’ve achieve. Your site looks so “established” I’d never have guessed it was 6 months old.

  6. Melissa F says:

    I’ve been looking at taking the Secret Blogging Business course, but I just don’t have the money for it 🙁