Pay Without the Hassle With the Cash by Optus Band

by Madeleine Borgersen
Pay Without the Hassle With the Cash by Optus Band

Cash by Optus has released a new light-weight wristband that let’s you leave your wallet and phone at home.

For those that love to grab a coffee on the way home from that run, or beach babes that want the flexibility to hit the bar post swim, Optus’ release of Cash by Optus just got a whole lot better.

With the Cash by Optus app you can easily pay for transactions $100 or less via Visa PayWave straight from your phone. But maybe there’s times when you would rather not carry around the smart phone? The newest payment method the Cash by Optus Band let’s you swipe and pay on the go with nothing else but a pre-sync’d smart wristband.

The light-weight wristband uses NFC (Near Field Communication) technology to turn your device (or wrist!) into a portable wallet, but don’t worry you need to swipe close to a scanner to register a payment, so there’s no stress over paying for someone elses coffee as you walk down the street.

Available in five colours the bands are free to Optus customers and can be loaded with up to $500 via the Cash by Optus app for the perfect on-the-go juice fund, or even to shop without the hassle of getting out your phone or wallet.

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