What’s New In the iPhone 6

by Madeleine Borgersen

If you’ve been hiding under a rock you may not be aware that Apple has released their latest iPhone yesterday. Being the tech junkie I am I received mine yesterday at 10am after pre-ordering online. After playing on it non-stop, here’s a few of the perks you can expect in their new handset.

What’s New In the iPhone 6

First off the latest phone comes in two sizes; the iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 plus. I opted for the 6. It’s already larger than the older iPhone 5 by about 1.5-2cm in height and 1cm in width. It’s basically exactly the same size as my old Google Nexus (yes I have used Android, so please don’t try and convert me!). I personally think it’s a fantastic size. Big enough for easy visibility, but small enough to be practical and easy to hold.

The iPhone 6 Plus does have a perk though, being the bigger handset it boasts a larger battery and therefore longer battery life. Don’t get too excited though, it’s not a dramatic difference, and for me the fact that the iPhone 6 could fit in my jean pocket trumped any extra hour of battery life the larger version could offer.

The phone is only marginally thinner than it’s ancestor but given that it is larger it feels noticeably trimmer in your hand.

The camera is way better than the older phone. It focuses a lot faster and there’s an in-built exposure dial so you can adjust the light level of photos as you take them!

So what else is different?

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus offer the Touch ID same as the iPhone 5S (which I didn’t have, so I’m really loving not entering in my passcode every time I look at my phone!)

It also runs the newest operating system, iOS 8. Some of my favourite new features so far have to be:

  • Syncing with other devices. I’m running the new operating system on my laptop too and I can start typing an email or message on my laptop and then finish it from where I was on my phone if I have to duck out. Awesome!
  • Quick access to contacts. I can quickly phone my favourites by double clicking the home button. Your recent and favourite contacts appear at the top above your open apps. Very handy!
  • Audio Messaging. I can send audio messages to any contact if I can’t text. My Mum is going to love this!
  • See what’s draining your battery. If battery duration is a concern you can check out which apps are hogging the power under Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage. That way you can jot a mental note to quit those apps after use and only use when necessary.
  • Spotlight is now your go-to search. I used to use spotlight (the search bar that appears when you drag down on the home screen) to find an app when I forgot which folder I’d put it in. But now, it’s so much more. It’s your google, showing wikipedia excerpts, related websites, local movie times, local restaurants and of course details of relevant emails and messages.
  • Health app. With the emergence of so many fitness trackers and apps Apple has released a Health hub that can show you your steps, calories burned, calories consumed, weight and more in one easy to use dashboard. It also allows you to create your own Medical ID where you can list your emergency information should you be in an accident.
  • Notification center. You can now interact with notifications straight from the home screen. Reply to a message, archive an email etc without opening the specific app.

There is honestly so many more cool little changes that I’m sure I’ll discover over the coming weeks, but so far I’m loving the new system.

Do you plan on upgrading to an Apple iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus? If not what’s your favourite phone and what’s your most used feature?

2 responses to “What’s New In the iPhone 6”

  1. I’ve just ordered the 6 and can’t wait for it to arrive in a week or 2. I’m upgrading from the 4S so it’s going to be a HUGE jump in terms of the camera and the thinness of the phone. Pretty excited!

  2. Steph @ Lipstick & Cake says:

    Cannot wait to get my hands on my new iPhone!