Getting More Active with Fitbit

by Madeleine Borgersen
Getting More Active with Fitbit

As a business owner that works from home, in front of a computer, keeping active can be a bit of a struggle. Not that I don’t have time to be active by any means, I definitely could wake up earlier or swap some telly time for a walk.

However, I have noticed since changing from the regular 9-5 that my usual walk to work, or to the train station at least and then out to grab some lunch did result in quite a few steps, now its down to the kitchen and back.

Enter FitBit. It’s what keeps me on track and aware of how active I really am. Although some days I don’t fit in a proper walk, at least I’m aware of it and every week I’ll receive a summary giving me a high five or a slap on the wrist to do better next week.

It syncs with some great apps too including MyFitnessPal, RunKeeper and Withings.

Currently the FitBit comes in three models in Australia.

The Zip, the cheapest model, it counts your steps. Great for anyone that just wants the basics.

The One, my personal favourite it counts your steps, calories, stairs and syncs with your phone.

The Flex, my current model, its great but it doesn’t tell you your steps on screen, you need to sync it. It also doesn’t count your elevation or stair count.

Has anyone else got a FitBit or another fitness tracker? What are the pros and cons in your opinion?

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