Instagram Is Making All Your Account Switching Dreams Come True

by Madeleine Borgersen

Love Instagram but hate having to log in and out to switch between your puppy-filled personal account and your chic curated business or blog? Instagram may have finally heard our cries and is sweeping in a switcher to save the day.

Instagram Is Making All Your Account Switching Dreams Come True

Instagram’s official beta tester group awoke to find a new function in their Instagram apps today. The Android app was now allowing users to add an account via their settings page after which they could simply switch between the two accounts by a new selection icon that appeared in the top left corner of their Instagram profile screen.

With so many people owning multiple Instagram accounts; from personal to business, blog to even accounts for your pet this action on a long-awaited feature has brought the Instagram community to all new levels of cyber weekend happiness!

Instagram hasn’t confirmed if or when they’ll be rolling out the new functionality to all Instagram users but if you’re keen on becoming a beta tester and checking out the functionality for yourself you can sign up here.

h/t Tech Crunch.

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