by Madeleine Borgersen

Get ready for another mind blowing KickStarter campaign.

NailSnaps will convert your instagram pics into Nail appliqués. Boom!


Now I can wear Wilma on my fingernails with NailSnaps. Mission accomplished!

Here’s how NailSnaps works, from the horses mouth:


The FREE NailSnaps mobile app lets you design exactly how you want your photo or image to appear on your nails. Create an image that spans across your nails, or pick and choose different parts of an image for each finger.

 2. PRINT.

Once you’ve got a design you love, NailSnaps print and ship your high-quality nail polish stickers right to your door from our manufacturing facility in Los Angeles.

 3. ROCK.

Easily apply NailSnaps custom nail polish stickers yourself in minutes, with no dry time, no heat, and no waiting. Rock your NailSnaps. Your custom NailSnaps will last about a week or so and application is as easy as placing a sticker and filing off the edges.

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