Simplify Your Skincare With This New Gadget

by Madeleine Borgersen

Want to know the state of your skin without seeing a dermatologist every day? This handy new doughnut shaped gadget will tell you everything you need and more!

Simplify Your Skincare With This New Gadget

Photo via WAY

WAY is a new device that uses three sensors to detect UV index, humidity and moisture levels of your skin’s tissue. From your skin’s age to oiliness, pigmentation to pore congestion the WAY can evaluate everything about your skin.

Displaying the information back to you quickly and easily in the WAY app, the device also lets you track your period and water intake as a personal skin journal of sorts.

“First and foremost, users can work on their general skincare and anti-aging with WAY, based on accurate data,” Dr. Gana Oh, dermatologist and co-founder of WAY, told Tech in Asia.

With product recommendations to suit your current skin situation the WAY is currently well and truly over their goal on their Indiegogo pitch. Don’t worry you can still grab one for yourself for the reduced price of $99 (will retail for $149) with the WAY’s set to be shipped in November!

Learn more about the WAY on their website.

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