Slim Down Your Wallet With Plastc Card

by Madeleine Borgersen

Ever hesitated taking your wallet out on the town because you just know a few gin’s in it might get a little risky? Or maybe you didn’t have a clutch that matched your perfect outfit? Solve your finance fashion woes by slimlining your cash with Plastc Card.

Slim Down Your Wallet With Plastc Card

Plastc Card replaces your other payment cards, slimlining and securing your payments.

The size and shape of a regular credit card, Plastc Card allows you to ‘load on’ one or more of your debit or credit cards and use it in proxy of the real thing.

Perfect if you want to head out with one card in your pocket but split your payments between business and personal, or if you’re a bit worried about losing said wallet and want to use a backup you can easily disable.

Plastc Card works exactly like any of your other cards with a magnetic strip and NFC and EMV contactless (PayWave) support, so you won’t run into any problems using your Plastc at your local bar or even on your next overseas trip.

The Plastc Card also supports Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, JCB and Union Pay cards making it perfect for replacing any card you may have in your wallet.

It’s also secure, using a 4 digit PIN to protect your information, that is entered whenever you make changes to your Pastc Card like adding a new payment card or switching between cards and unlocking them.

You also don’t have to worry about leaving your Plastc Card behind anywhere. If your card is a set distance from you (which you can change in your settings) a notification is sent to your phone letting you know you’re without it, and if it’s been stolen you can wipe it remotely meaning no one has access to your payment methods and if it manages to find it’s way back to you simply resync it to have everything up and running again.

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