The Best New Updates Coming to Your Apple Device

by Madeleine Borgersen

Apple announced their latest update to their range of devices this week with time-saving and fun upgrades coming this September. Want to know what has us most excited?

The Best New Updates Coming to Your Apple Device

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New Lock Screen

Ever tapped that home button to check if you had any notifications and just as you were about to read the first few words of one that looked interesting your phone unlocks using Touch ID and you’re left stranded? Apple’s fixed it!

In the new update simply picking up your phone will switch on your phone’s screen allowing you to see any notifications without your thumb heading anywhere near the unlock.

Have a message that needs a quick reply? You’ll be able to use the 3D Touch gestures to reply there and then, no need to unlock at all.


Messages are also getting an upgrade later in the year offering sized up emoji’s and even recommendations to replace words with their emoji equivalent (so long searching through those tiny pics for the Zzz emoji!)

You can also send hidden messages that require the recipient to swipe their finger over to reveal as well as full-screen effects like confetti and fireworks and quickly share your location or contact information via message with new keyboard automation.

Apple Music Redesign

If you’re bowing out of the Spotify/Tidal debate and opting to keep things Mac, Apple’s Music is getting a redesign. Best bit? Offering lyrics for any song you’re listening to. Goodbye off-key, incorrect-lyric singalongs. Well ok, maybe not the off-key bit.

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