The Best Ways To Follow Your Favourite Blogs

by Madeleine Borgersen

Love reading online but need a better way to organise your favourite sites and blogs? Here are the best ways to bookmark those finds for easy future reading.

The Best Ways To Follow Your Favourite Blogs

Sick of bookmarking every new blog you fall in love with? Follow them easily with our top tips. Image via


Feedly is a RSS reader which means it can store the RSS feed (or the list of new posts from your favourite sites or blogs) into it’s app to make it super easy for you to read the latest from your most loved sites.

Feedly has a web app, desktop app, iPhone and iPad app that all sync, so it’s a great one for those that love to catch up on the latest from a variety of screens.


Bloglovin uses the same technology as Feedly (RSS) to easily show the latest from your favourite blogs. It also has the perk of saving, and liking particular posts to easily find later and you can also find and follow new blogs easily, much like a social network.


Most sites and blogs have an email newsletter that they send out daily, weekly, fornightly or monthly when new content is added.

It can be a great way of reminding you what your favourite sites are up to, but can become a little overwhelming especially if you already receive a lot of emails.

Social Media

Whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or Twitter many blogs have social media channels that they update with new posts. Follow your favourite blogs on the social channel you love to check in on the most and if they’re a site you really love switch on notifications to never miss any new announcement.

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