The Light Phone: Your Phone Away From Phone

by Madeleine Borgersen

Feel like you’re actually too connected these days? There’s not a day that goes by without checking in on your instagram, facebook, twitter, email, messages and more and mostly from your phone.

The Light Phone: Your Phone Away From Phone

The Light Phone allows you to disconnect without being stranded – your phone away from phone.

The Light Phone is the end to that, giving you a treasured reprieve from the noise but still keeping you a call away when you need to be.

Simple, gorgeous and the size of a credit card the Light Phone is a KickStarter dream that’s already fully backed and should be coming to change our lives in May 2016.

What makes The Light Phone different?

No notifications and distractions, the Light Phone lets you live in the moment. Giving you just what you need, time, the ability to make and receive calls in a design that slots straight into your wallet – it’s the perfect option for a day out with friends, home time to disconnect or an off the grid lunch break.

The Light Phone is a prepaid phone that can be used synced with your current phone as a unique phone by itself – great for emergency backups or as a first phone for kids.

Why you’ll love The Light Phone

  • 20 days of battery life
  • Automatically syncs with your ‘real’ phone via an app that forwards calls to your Light Phone.
  • Stores up to 10 ‘speed dial’ numbers.
  • Lets you disconnect from the noise but still stay available for emergencies.

Would you love a Light Phone?

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