The Top Baby Monitors for Tech-Loving Parents

by Madeleine Borgersen

Looking for the perfect monitor to add to your baby’s nursery? Here are the best high-tech gadgets to add to your nursery for fuss-free peace of mind.

The Top Baby Monitors for Tech-Loving Parents

Looking for the perfect monitor to add to your baby’s nursery? Here are our top high-tech finds! Image via: Style By Emily Henderson

Nanit – $279US

Nanit gives you a birdseye view of your baby with HD video straight to your phone. It also analyses the baby’s movements over time, learning the difference between a fussy fidget, sound sleeping and when they’re wide awake.

This movement is sent through to the app on your phone giving you a sleeping score each night to quickly and easily see how your baby’s sleep is improving as well as tips to get things improving via their subscription add-on Nanit Insights.

Full night-vision, plus temperature and humidity sensors make it more than just a movement sensor and unlike many other monitors, this WiFi camera works whether the internet is up and running or not.

The secure stand to give the perfect view from above includes an upward directed LED nightlight to gently illuminate the room and even offers sounds and white noise to soothe bub to sleep.

The Top Baby Monitors for Tech-Loving Parents

The Withings Home will grow with your baby and offers more than just movement monitoring.

Withings Home – $199.95US

Presented as a home-monitoring device, the Withings Home can be put to use even after your baby grows out of their cot. With HD recording, 12 times zoom and night vision it’s the perfect nursery companion to keep on your baby’s movements.

When they get older the Withings Home sensors can prove even more useful alerting you to movement (last time your toddler tries that Macguyver escape technique) or for those with a bigger home, noise alerts can let you know if your little one is ready to rejoin you after that nap.

The Lulla Light and Music sequence makes the Withings Home a complete baby monitoring and comforting system lulling them to sleep with comforting lights and sounds, whilst the in-built air quality and temperature tracking ensure that your baby is sleeping in the best conditions possible at all times.

The Withings Home also offers 2-way audio to check on your baby and lull them back to sleep if they’re a little restless. Live or recorded video can be streamed to any device in the home using the Withings Home app and recording can be switched off remotely when you don’t need it.

Totokan OXii – $200US

The Totokan OXii merges a traditional baby monitor with the extra peace of mind a breathing and heart rate tracker provides. Delivered over wireless, the soon to be launched tracker is approved by the FCC and uses less than 1% of the radiation output as bluetooth.

When asleep, your baby’s breathing and heart rate is monitored from 3 to 6 feet away with no attachment to themselves and any changes are sent via notifications to your smart device if or when your attention is needed.

The Top Baby Monitors for Tech-Loving Parents

Looking for a more traditional monitor? The Philips Digital Video Baby Monitor brings all the features to the sleep-time staple.

Philips Digital Video Baby Monitor – $249.95

Looking for something a little more traditional? The Philips Digital Video Baby Monitor gives you the original handheld monitor screen that you can assign to whichever carer is currently on duty and leave your phone for the other thousand notifications you already receive on it.

With a high definition screen, infrared night vision and in-built nightlight and lullaby functions, the Philips still gives you all those good additions that will make settling your baby to sleep that much easier.

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