Wear Your Wallet On Your Wrist With Westpac’s New PayWear

by Madeleine Borgersen

Ever been out for a run or taking a quick dip sans-wallet and pinched yourself when the offer of a reward gelato or after beach drinks comes up and you have to turn it down? Say so long to the no-wallet worry with Westpac’s newly announced PayWear.

Wear Your Wallet On Your Wrist With Westpac's New PayWear

Westpac’s new PayWear allows you to wear your wallet on your wrist.

Allowing you to wear the equivalent of your debit card on your wrist, Westpac’s new PayWear allows you to purchase items using the contactless technology of many eftpos terminals simply by holding your PayWear adorned wrist in front of it (like you would your debit card).

Waterproof and battery-free it will never leave you in a bind and promises to be the new best friend when ducking out for a quick coffee, heading to a concert or grabbing a few bits for dinner with bub in tow.

Wear Your Wallet On Your Wrist With Westpac's New PayWear

The Westpac PayWear is waterproof and battery-free making it perfect for any activity.

Already wear a smart watch or fitness tracker? You can attach Westpac’s PayWear ‘keeper’ (the part that contains the microchip with your debit cards details stored) to it allowing you to reap all the benefits of the new technology without an extra addition to your wrist.

With PayWear, there is no need to search through a bag, login to an app or worry about battery life. It will be on the go with our customers and ready for use when they are.

Westpac Group Chief Executive, Consumer Bank, George Frazis

The initial design for the PayWear launching in December will be a sleek and simple black band. Not your style? Never fear! Westpac has already started partnering with iconic Australian designers to bring a range of bands to suit any style.

Want first in? Head to www.westpac.com.au/paywear to submit your interest.

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