What You Need To Know About the New iPhone 7

by Madeleine Borgersen

iPhone lover? Or looking to replace that handset with the Apple offering? The new iPhone 7 model was announced today and here’s what why we’re loving it already.

What You Need To Know About the New iPhone 7

The new iPhone 7 has been announced, here’s what you need to know!

Water Resistant

As someone that admits to sitting on their phone in the bath (it’s where I take on my most serious shopping!) or that may or may not have been spotted listening to Spotify from their shower caddy secured handset, learning the fact that the new handset is water resistant was an instant ‘I need it moment’.

No HeadPhone Jack

To get us to the ultimate goal of a water resistant iPhone changes had to be made and one of them was losing the headphone jack. Yes, it might be like the time they changed the charging port and everyone’s accessories were made redundant, but honestly, who doesn’t need to upgrade their headphones by now anyway?

You can either opt for the new style that connects to the handset via the Lightning, charging port or go wireless with Apple’s new infrared connecting AirPods for fuss-free listening. Simply connect them to your phone once and then they will automagically connect to any device logged into your iCloud account.

Changed Home Button

Say goodbye to that clicky home button. The new iPhone’s centralised button is now made from the same technology as your Macbook’s trackpad, so it won’t actually click, this is another improvement to increase its water and dust resistance.

What You Need To Know About the New iPhone 7

The iPhone 7 comes in 5 colours, Jet Black, Black, Gold, Silver and Rose Gold.

More Battery

Perfect for those Pokemon Go-ers the iPhone 7 boasts 2 hours more in terms of battery life.

Best Camera

The new iPhones offer upgraded image stabilisation and an even faster shutter. The larger iPhone 7 Plus model will also be sporting a new dual-lens camera, with a wide angle and telescopic lens that allows you to zoom up to 10x.

Love the look you get from your SLR? The iPhone 7 is getting closer to recreating it with the iPhone 7 Plus offering a portrait mode that uses the two lens to create depth of field.

Colour Options

The new iPhone 7 will come in one new colour, Jet Black, a glossy true black to compliment it’s Space Grey fans. Don’t worry, jet gold, silver and rose gold are still available!


The new iPhone comes with an A10 processing chip making that bad boy faster too!

Orders for the newest iPhone open Friday 9 September, with delivery from September 16.

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