Write on Your Photos with These Top Apps

by Madeleine Borgersen

Instagram is one of my favourite apps. It’s simple, visual and addictive. Sprucing up your grams with some text or decoration is easy with these top apps.

Write on Your Photos with These Top Apps

Wanting to add some lovin’ to your instagram pics? Here are our top picks for “write on your photos apps” available right now!

1. Word Swag – FREE

Great for anyone that has a mind-blank and can’t think of anything to say. Word Swag comes with great fonts and backgrounds and an in-built quote generator.

Too easy!

2. A Beautiful Mess – FREE

Made by Elsie & Emma of A Beautiful Mess, this app was one of the first to jump on the photo embellishment craze.

As well as offering quotes, embellishments and filters they now also offer backgrounds (amazing!) and collage frames straight in the app.

Definitely my personal favourite!

3. Over – $2.49

Over is a great app for anyone that just wants to add text (and some doodles!) to their photos.

It doesn’t offer filters, backgrounds or quote generators but does what it does well with some great font options and more embellishments available for in-app purchase.

4. Little Moments – $2.49

Another blogger created app, Little Moments is by Fat Mum Slim blogger Chantelle.

As well as bringing her famous Photo-A-Day to your phone with built in prompts, the app lets you use custom filters from their range (all made by amazing photographers) and add cute quotes and designs.

It has a great range of fonts to choose from but unfortunately can only be used on top of photos (no patterns or backgrounds inbuilt like Word Swag or A Beautiful Mess).

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