You Can Now Love, Laugh and Loath With Facebook’s New Reactions

by Madeleine Borgersen

Gone are the days when you could only ‘Like’ a post, with Facebook’s new reactions you can now love, haha, sad, wow or angry face any post straight from your desktop or mobile.

You Can Now Love, Laugh and Loath With Facebook's New Reactions

You can now give Love, Laugh, Wow, Sad and Angry reactions to posts with Facebook’s newest update.

Currently only available for posts (not individual comments) the new addition is activated by hovering over the original ‘Like’ link on your desktop browser or by tapping down and holding the ‘Like’ button in your Facebook app.

The new reactions appear in order of most popular for that app with a count of each appearing on the preview of each post.

Although you’re limited to only one reaction to each post, don’t worry if you change your mind part way through a read, you can change your reaction to boot. Hello social media mood swings!

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